At Tru Realty, we want to support our community by giving back. Often times, finding the right cause that has the most impact can be difficult. We searched to find a cause that would have immediate and measurable impact. We’re pleased to announce our efforts and provide you some background on what we see as a very worthy cause.

Let’s start with a couple of impactful statistics:

85% of brain development in children happens before the age of 5.

98% of all federal spending on education takes place after the age of 5.

It’s 100% clear to us that this is ultimately bad for our children and bad for our community.

Our Tru Gives program is built upon supporting early childhood development and ensuring that our children’s futures are just as bright as their smiles. We’ve partnered with the Miro International Preschool and Arizona State University Preparatory Academy to provide funding for children in the early stages of their development.

The Miro International Preschool was founded to reinforce strong family values while teaching children to speak and understand Spanish. It is an invaluable environment for our ever shrinking world. At Miro, they believe that the key to teaching children is to help them develop a love for learning. They put emphasis on “hands on” activities that are both effective and appropriate for pre-school aged children. Their students have proven to develop as superior, independent learners armed with the confidence of a bilingual foundation. Tru Gives will be contributing a scholarship to this very deserving school. We’re confident in their ability to impact the future of a child and the future of our community.

The Arizona State University Preparatory Academy has a pre-school division that is committed to developing confident, caring and creative children. This incredible learning provider recognizes the negative impact of the aforementioned statistics. They believe that children who receive a proper pre-school education will be able to succeed more readily than children who are deprived of this critical learning period. Their unique method is reinforced by utilizing the child’s family as a motivating component of the student’s academic success. Tru Gives will be contributing a scholarship to support the efforts of the ASU Preparatory Academy to enhance children’s lives through early education.

If you’d like to learn more about our Tru Gives Program or help contribute, call us at (480) 327 – 6700 or send us an email at . Together we can make a difference!